Custom made thermal roller blinds

Blockout Blinds or Thermal Blinds​

Blockout blinds or Thermal blinds allow you to dramatically reduce your power costs, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter hence they are the most energy-efficient blinds you can buy. These blackout blinds are easy to operate and easy to clean. MODN Living features hundreds of colours and designs to suit your home theme. All our Blackout blinds are handcrafted here in New Zealand. You can be sure that with MODN Living you are investing in quality custom-made Roller Blockout blinds that will give you years of satisfaction in your home.

Sleep well day or night!

Are you tired of waking up to sunlight blinding you, wondering why your baby is refusing to nap in the day, or struggling to sleep as a shift worker? Our blockout blinds could be just what you need to solve your sleeping problems. This type of blind uses a special covering or material and a heavy fabric that effectively blocks out light as well as muffles sound. It is perfect in nurseries and children’s bedrooms when the sun makes them resist going to bed because it is still ‘daytime’. It is not just children that nap in the day so if you nap or sleep during the day and find yourself struggling to sleep take a look at our range of blockout blinds. We can solve your sleeping problems! 

These blinds are great for other purposes as well as bedrooms including;

  • Rooms where you watch TV
  • Theatre rooms
  • In conference rooms where you often have screens you present information on
  • In rooms where there is a lot of night light shining in from neon signs and such
  • In rooms where you need sound muffled as well as the light blocked

Enjoy the peace and the savings!

At MODN Living our top-quality blockout blinds means you can not only enjoy the peace of a dark and quiet room, but you also benefit from energy savings. You use your air-con less because they keep the heat out more in the summer, and you use your heating less in the winter because it keeps the hot air in and the cold air out. Plus we have a great range of colours and styles so it does not have to be all about its practical use. Your bedroom, theatre room and such can still look great while offering a practical solution to your need for no light or glare. If you really want something that also offers even better insulation capability, go for one of our cellular blockout blinds.

Premium quality, premium service

MODN Living offers exceptional blinds in all our ranges with various types and styles. There really is a blind for everyone and every home and all our roller blinds are made right here in New Zealand. You want fast service, affordable prices, free installations and 24/7 availability? You got it with MODN Living! 

Check our light filtering or Sunscreen Blinds​

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Light filtering blinds are ideal when you don’t want to darken the room during the day, but want to maintain a level of privacy, such as rooms that are close to the street or next to a fence. 

Light filtering blinds sit between Blackout Roller Blinds and  Sunscreen Roller Blinds. Light filtering blinds will gently filter the light coming through – however you will not retain a clear view of the outside from inside your home and from the outside it is difficult to see inside (silhouettes only) both day and night. 

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

A high tech polymer is used to Stay shaded and private, but still appreciate your view during the day with these premium fabric ranges from the world’s top fabric houses. Each range has been carefully selected to withstand New Zealand’s harsh sunlight and will stop fading of furnishings and furniture.

Our sunscreen roller blinds are hand made right here in Cambridge, New Zealand by a skilled team of craftsmen to your exact size.

Enter this page to discover our fresh, new ranges of sunscreen blinds selected by our designers especially for you.