Roller blinds

If you are looking at options for window treatments then roller blinds are a great option. More and more people are opting for these in New Zealand. Here at MODN Living, we have premium high-quality roller blinds with a range of colours and designs so everyone can find a style that suits their taste and suits their home. Enhance the beauty of any room and take advantage of the practical benefits these blinds will give you for many years to come. By choosing to buy roller blinds between our three options you get three levels of privacy

  1. Thermal Blackout Blinds
  2. Light Filtering Blinds
  3. Sunscreen Blinds

Thermal backed blackout blinds

With the added layer of acrylic backing for extra thermal properties these blinds are well suited to keep your house insulated. These fabrics are also textured and softer in feel.

Sunscreen or sunshade blinds

They block 90-95% UV allowing soft natural