Roller Blinds​

If you are looking at options for window treatments then roller blinds are a great option. More and more people are opting for these in New Zealand. Here at MODN Living, we have premium high-quality roller blinds with a range of colours and designs so everyone can find a style that suits their taste and suits their home.

Enhance the beauty of any room and take advantage of the practical benefits these blinds will give you for many years to come. By choosing to buy roller blinds between our three options you get three levels of privacy,

  • Thermal Blackout Blinds
  • Light Filtering Blinds 
  • Sunscreen Blinds

Advantages of Using Roller Blinds​

Different materials and types have their own advantages but in general, our customers love our blinds because;

  • They can choose between light filtering to fully block out types
  • Blockout also acts to dampen sound as well as blocking the light to up to 98%
  • Look great in any room
  • MODN Living roller blinds are made in NZ keeping the quality uncompromised
  • Whether you have a traditional home, something modern or something else, you can buy roller blinds to suit any house theme
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable and have a long life span
  • Protects furniture and furnishings from sun fading

Blockout Roller Blinds​

Types of Roller Blinds

Buying Thermal Blackout Blinds

Any kind of blackout window treatment completely blocks out the natural light during the day and actually, most have the added effect of muffling sound as well. Also known as block out blinds, these blinds are perfect for shirt works who sleep in the day, children’s bedrooms and your movie or tv room. When you buy blinds of this type from MODN Living you also get the advantage of keeping your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and you lower your energy bills as a result.

Buying Light Filtering Blinds

If you are looking to buy blinds that do not completely darken the room but do give you a good degree of privacy that is where light filtering blinds comes in. You will be able to see silhouettes but no details. In our three options here at MODN Living, they come between blackout rollers and sunscreen rollers.

Buying Sunscreen Blinds 

When you want to buy sunscreen blinds that can handle the hot New Zealand sun and give some shade but give you a view still, you should look at our Sunscreen range. Using only premium fabrics and handmade in New Zealand enjoy high-quality sunscreen roller blinds made to whatever size you require, suitable for any room but especially living areas.

Take a Closer Look!

At MODN Living our designers are fully committed to creating a collection of roller blinds that everyone can enjoy! Take a closer look at what we have to offer and feel confident about investing in window blinds that will last, are made well right here in New Zealand, will look great and are priced fairly! Keep scrolling to explore and get in touch!

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Sunscreen Roller Blind

Stay shaded and private, but still appreciate your view during the day with these premium fabric ranges from the world’s top fabric houses. Each range has been carefully selected to ranges from the world’s top fabric houses. Each range has been carefully selected to withstand New Zealand’s harsh sunlight and will stop fading of furnishing and furniture.

Our sunscreen roller blinds are hand made in New Zealand by a skilled team of craftsmen to your exact size. Scroll down this page to discover our fresh, new ranges of sunscreen blinds selected by our designers especially for you.