Motorised or Automatic Roller Blinds

Tired of sitting down only to realise you forgot to close your blinds first? You need to take a look that the great motorised roller blinds we have here at MODN Living! Control the blinds in the room with ease all from the comfort of your favourite chair! You never have to get up again to open or close your blinds, or argue with your partner or children over whose turn it is to do it! With these blinds, you can control how much light you let into your home, and maintain the privacy level you prefer just with the push of a button.

How does it work?

When you are looking for luxury and convenience at an affordable price our range of motorised roller blinds will not disappoint. You might worry that the extra motorised component means they are more complex to install but this is not the case. They are quick and easy to put up and our expert installers will have it done for you in no time, there is no need for an electrician. Our motorised roller blinds have a Li-on rechargeable battery or a mains motor in the headrail. You cannot see the motor so it is not detracting from the attractiveness of the blinds. With the blinds comes a remote and you can set your own top and bottom limits and use it to get the perfect amount of light in the room.

Operate from your phone using an app

We provide a smart hub at additional cost which communicates between your phone and the motorised roller blind via app. You just need Wi-Fi and a smart phone. Our installer will help you install an app into your phone or provide you with the instructions and you can operate your blinds using your phone. Its very simple.

Advantages to having motorised roller blinds

We feel there are some really great reasons you might choose to have motorised roller blinds in your home and here are some of them;

  • With no cords at all, they are completely child-safe and pet safe. Have complete peace of mind that neither your children nor pets will get caught in cords and risk injury or worse.
  • Motorised roller blinds boost your home’s energy efficiency by offering insulation and better light control. Set your timing for your blinds to maximise when there is available natural sunlight and when there is not. This means you can keep off your lights longer saving you money on your electricity bill.
  • Better protect your furnishings and furniture from direct sunlight. Fading is a problem but with ones that come with automated settings, you can have automated programming to control the light coming in rather than forgetting to close them in rooms you might not be in leading to discolouration and fading.
  • More security because it looks like someone is in and closing the blinds even when you might not be. This is only possible with some types of motorised roller blinds but if security is a concern for you, worth considering.
  • Choose how much light you wake up to in the bedroom from the comfort of your bed. Sometimes you might want to see the view outside from your bed when you wake up or have a lot of light in the room, but sometimes waking up is hard and it is nice to control how fast you have to do it with motorised roller blinds!
  • Trying to watch TV and have some glare? Or read a book and the light is getting low? You do not have to get up to try and fix it, just push a button and you can close them a little more or open them a little more.

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