Linked Roller Blinds

Are you looking at options for blinds sitting side by side on the same window,or perhaps on a set of bi-fold doors or sliding doors? Linked blinds from MODN Living work perfectly for this situation. Linked roller blinds are two or more blinds sitting next to each other sharing a single middle or intermediate bracket. When you have windows that are large or doors that are too wide for one blind, having two or more blinds is a great solution. Here in New Zealand having a good balance of indoor and outdoor flow is important for many people, and linked blinds help with that.

Why choose linked roller blinds?

Linked blinds have a unique look to them that is attractive in any home. The way they link means there is a much smaller gap between them than if you chose a different blind option. With such a small gap they still block light effectively even with more than one blind in use. You can also enjoy the option of having a control chain for each of the blinds or you might decide you want linked roller blinds that just have one chain that operates them all. You can also make sure that chains hang to the side of the frames and are not in the way. You can control the kind of privacy or light your need at any time. Linking your blinds means you can have 2, 3 or even 4 blinds next to each other depending on the size of the window and what your requirements are.

Easy and fast to install
Even with having to link the blinds these are easy to install roller blinds and at MODN Living we offer free and fast installation every time. Linked blinds can be motorised if you want the option of lifting them and lowering them remotely and they are an attractive and practical solution for when more traditional options do not quite make sense. If you have a wide window or two, sliding or bi-fold doors and you want to maintain easy access linked roller blinds it is.

Take a closer look at all our blinds!
Whether you are looking at the option of linked blinds for windows or doors, or something else, or maybe you are mixing it up in your home, at MODN Living we have great products and all the answers! Our blinds are made in New Zealand where we closely monitor for quality and design. We have hundreds of blinds to choose from in our extensive collection so you can be sure the right blind is right here for you to find! We not only offer free installation, but we also offer low prices, fast delivery and blinds you can keep up in your home or office for many years to come. Order with us any time and we are there for you.