Honeycomb blinds

If you are looking for the best insulation solution for some or all of your windows then you should take a closer look at our great range of Honeycomb blinds. This option of shades or blinds gives you more control over the light coming in, better privacy and still come in a range of styles and designs to suit any home! When you buy Honeycomb blinds you get to enjoy their insulating properties. This is because of how they are designed so that air is trapped and it reduces heat loss in the cooler months and minimizes heat gain in the warmer months. Basically, you can expect to feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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Insulating your home saves you money!

There are several ways you can better insulate your home and this saves money on your energy bill and hanging Honeycomb shades is one of them. While there are other blind options that have some insulating effect, none is as good as these due to the honeycomb cells they use and their thickness. That shape is not just because it looks good. The shape ensures air gets trapped in the layers of cells. In a room you want more light in a single layer works better.

At MODN Living we understand the importance of saving money while still offering premium quality options. It is why our blinds are so fairly priced! Our Honeycomb blinds can help filter light as well as heat and you can choose how thick you want them and how much light is filtered by choosing between the two options we offer, Translucent or Blockout.

Offering two types of honeycomb shades

Blackout honeycomb blind