Dual Roller Blinds

Dual roller blinds are when you have blockout and sunscreen blinds together, one in front of the other.

The great thing about MODN Living’s range of blinds is that you can find the perfect combination of privacy, light filtering and insulation all year round. The choice you make gives you the maximum control over it all and each one is operated separately with its cord. Enjoy cooler summer days and warmer winter nights from our huge range of roller blinds and sunscreens so you can make the most of your dual roller blinds effect.

All of our dual blinds are handcrafted here in New Zealand from high-quality materials and all carefully inspected before we bring them to your door.

Standard Bracket

Our standard bracket is used in the vast majority of applications. We recommend that both blinds be front rolled on our standard dual bracket. We use this brackets only if there is a luxury of space inside the window.

Slimline Bracket

When you want dual roller blinds but space is restricted inside the frame and the standard bracket will not fit you would choose a slimline bracket. We mostly use these brackets as they look very neat and tidy.

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