Are your blinds safe for children?

MODN Living care for the safety of your child. We encourage you to follow below steps to make your blinds safer.

child safety roller blinds

Looped blind cords or chains can strangle babies and young kids. There are a few measures you can take to make these cords or chains out of their reach. below are some of the advice that we can offer to make your blinds safe for the children around them.

Fit a tensioner or a cleat

We provide chain tensioners or cleats with every blind which we strongly advice on installing them. Some people like their blinds without these safety devices as they feel its easy to use blind without them but we strongly advice that you get these installed by us.

These tensioners or cleats should be firmly fixed to an adjoining surface so that the cord or chain are permanently held tight. Cords should be fastened up in a figure of eight after every use of the blind, making sure all the spare cord is secured on the cleat.

Romans, Rollers and Verticals can be secured with Chain tensioners. Honeycombs and Venetians can be secured with Cleats.

Move furniture away from windowschain safety safety

Children love to climb, so keep furniture clear of window blinds. This includes cots, beds, highchairs and playpens.

If you haven’t yet

If your blinds are still without tensioners or cleats then purchase and install them right away.

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