May 2, 2023

How to Choose Blinds as per the Size of the Window

Choosing the right size for your window blinds is vital.

When you are trying to find a set of blockout blinds you should consider how they will be hung, and whether you will get roller blinds, dual blinds, etc.

Read on to learn how to properly measure for sunscreen blinds, blockout blinds, roller blinds, and everything in between.

We will also discuss how to choose the right blinds to fit the window and room.

Measuring for inside the frame mounting

Since every window is a different size and shape, it is vital that you measure properly to prevent obstruction to the window or blinds, and to allow for proper window coverage.

To measure for blinds that will be hung inside the window frame, use a tape measure to find the depth of the frame, the length from the top of the inside of the frame to the window sill, and the width from the left side of the inner part of the trim to the right.

Measure the top, middle, and bottom of the window for width, plus the left, right, and middle for width.

Write the measurements down using the smallest measurement you noted.

window blinds

Measuring for outside mounted

When measuring for blinds mounted to the outside of the frame, you should consider where the headrail and mechanisms will be placed.

Measure from the bottom of the window sill upward to about 2 to 8 cm above the top of the frame to leave room for the headrail and mechanisms.

If you want the blinds to be a bit longer, measure from where you wish them to fall to.

To measure width, start from the outside edge of the frame or trim, starting from left to right.

Add around 8 cm on either side to allow for extra width to prevent light from bleeding through the sides.

What to place where

Blinds come in many styles, fabrics, materials, and sizes.

They can perform many different functions — including light control, privacy, and insulating your home.

It is important to consider what type of material you are using in humid and hot rooms, like the kitchen and the bathroom.

For instance, since the bathroom needs more privacy, you should avoid cloth or wooden blinds and opt for Venetian or roller blinds that are made of PVC or aluminium, to prevent rust or mould.

For places like the bedroom, where more privacy and the need for darkness is wanted, you may opt for dual blinds to allow for blockout and sunscreen blinds — giving you more control day and night.

When you are looking for blinds, consider what room they will be placed in, the need for light control or privacy, and what kind of blinds you may want.

If you are getting blockout blinds, you can hang them inside the frame or outside — or you can get them in a roller or dual blind set up.

Due to the need for more protection and light control, you may choose to buy sunscreen blinds as roller blinds and pair them with blockout blinds.

Remember to measure the window both across, up and down, to ensure you find the right size the first time.

Always give room for the installation and operating equipment.

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