April 17, 2023

10 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Blinds for Your Home

Shopping for blinds can be a daunting task.

There are so many options with several different uses, styles, and functions.

It is easier to shop if you know what you may be looking for.

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Read on to learn how to choose the right blinds for your home with these 10 tips.

  • Determine the amount of light control you may need or want

When you are looking at getting blinds for your home, you should consider how much light the room you are putting them in gets throughout the day.

  •  Keep in mind the room you will be placing them in

Rooms like nurseries, bedrooms, and TV rooms tend to need more darkness — especially if there will be people sleeping in the daytime, when the sun is beaming into the room. Or you may want blinds that you provide privacy while allowing you to see out a window that looks out to a remarkable view.

  •  Think about the amount of moisture that room may have

Not all blinds are water-resistant. For this reason, it is important to keep in mind the amount of moisture the room typically has. Rooms like the kitchen or bathroom may require blinds that are made of water-resistant materials, like aluminium.

  •  Insulation and energy saving needs

If you are interested in saving money on your utility bills — who isn’t — then it is important to find blinds for your home that provide insulation and energy saving benefits. This could mean Venetian blinds or blinds made of fabric that locks in heat and keeps out the cold.

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  • Match the colour and style to your current decor

When choosing blinds, it is important that they fit in with your style. To achieve this, it is wise to take a picture of the room they will go in, or a colour swatch to match them with.

  •  Or make them stand out to become a part of the focal point

Another way to make the blinds work well in a room is to make them contrast by choosing a lesser used colour in the room or accent colour that you are currently using. This can make the windows pop and draw the focus to the windows — very useful when there is a great view through the window.

  •  Functionality and modern tech

Functionality is a vital thing to think of. Do you want blinds that you can control remotely? Do you want complete control of the light and privacy? You may want a modern motorised blind or dual blinds that have a day and night blind set in one track.

  •  Ease of use

Another thing to keep in mind is how easy the blinds are to adjust, clean, maintain, and install. If you will be placing them in a kids’ room, for example, it may be nice to know that your child can adjust them on their own.

  •  Size of window that needs covered

One of the most important things to consider is the size of the window and whether the blinds will be hung inside or outside the window frame. Always measure the window across the top and down the side to ensure you get the right fit.

  •  Type of window

Finally, it is vital to determine the type of window to be covered. Large windows and sliding glass doors require certain types of blinds. Sliding doors, for example, should always have horizontal blinds over them to prevent damage to the blinds and to make going in and out the door easier.

When shopping for blinds, think of all the reasons you need or want them, and the reason or functionality you need to be mindful of.

Always measure the window you will be placing them in.

Keep in mind the amount of light the room gets versus the amount of light you want in the room, and how much moisture there may be in the room at any given time.

Take a picture of the room or colour swatches to compare with colour and style options to get the best look.

Following these ten tips will help to make your shopping experience easier. And if you are still looking to read more about choosing the right blinds then our previous post too provides sound advice and insight.

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