Eurowood 50mm

Eurowood slat has been tested under the harsh Australasian climate and has been found to be very durable and makes up into a very robust, easy care blind.
Unlike imported blinds that come in standard sizes and are cut down to fit your windows, our venetian blinds are custom built to each individual window size giving more strength and uniformity to your blind and each one proudly comes with a three year warranty.

Eurowood venetian blinds are made from a high tech polymer, using a manufacturing process that makes the slats more rigid and durable. The attractive smooth finish is easy to clean, and has an excellent colour consistency for a uniform look.

The slats are resistant to heat, humidity, will resist warping, cracking and chipping, are UV protected and will not fade or deteriorate. Eurowood venetian blinds are washable and easy to clean.

Our Eurowood venetian blind range is lighter than most faux wood blinds, making the blind easier to lift.


2500 x 2500


Surface dust should be removed with duster or soft lint cloth. 


3 Years